It’s common sense to replace a headlight bulb if it’s burned out, but did you know that even if your bulbs are still working they should be replaced if they’re a few years old? Today’s Halogen bulbs perform better and last much longer than regular incandescent bulbs, but they still wear and become dim over time, and the reduced illumination can make it difficult to see clearly at night. Even HID bulbs deteriorate and need replacing. No matter what you drive or the type of bulb, we have the replacements to brighten your way, or you can upgrade with a brilliant, long lasting LED Conversion Kit.

The tungsten filament in a Halogen bulb wears over time, with a concurrent reduction in brightness. In an HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulb, an arc is passed between 2 electrodes inside the bulb that ignites the xenon or metal halide gas, creating the brilliant white light that HIDs are renowned for. However, as HID bulbs age that light can turn blue and actually produce less visible light. Some HID bulbs are also subject to a phenomenon called “cycling” at the end of their lifespan, where the bulb repeatedly overheats and goes out, and comes on again once it has sufficiently cooled.

For safe driving in darkness, both Halogen and HID bulbs should be replaced periodically. We also recommend that you carry spares, so if a bulb unexpectedly fails while you’re far from home, you can still make the journey safely. Our replacement Halogen bulbs come in standard and upgraded levels of illumination. If you don’t do much nighttime driving or usually only travel on well-lit roads, then standard bulbs will be more than adequate. However, if you’re a night owl and routinely traverse dark country roads with no street lights, then we can offer you Halogen bulbs that are up to 50% brighter than standard Halogens, enabling you to see up to 40% further down the road, with up to 50% better side-to-side vision.

This level of increased illumination and improved vision can be the difference between a safe, uneventful, and enjoyable trip, and one marred by a collision with something you didn’t see until it was too late. Our upgraded Halogen bulbs will allow you to see pedestrians, parked or disabled vehicles, road hazards, and animals wandering across the road far up ahead and to either side of the road, so you have plenty of time to react accordingly. These bulbs also provide a whiter light, which puts less strain on your eyes and makes road signs easier to see. But if you want illumination that rivals the best HIDs with durability that neither Halogen nor HID bulbs can match, you need our LED headlight conversion kits.

Our LED headlight bulbs produce a much brighter light with a wider beam, so you can see the road better for safer driving, without blinding oncoming drivers. They run cooler too, thanks to advanced thermal management techniques. Our LED conversion bulbs are a plug-and-play installation for all of the most popular headlight bulbs, and they can be used on both reflector and projector beam headlight applications. Unlike some bulb types that typically sacrifice lifespan to gain intensity, our LED bulbs will most likely be the last headlight bulbs you’ll ever have to buy for your vehicle. And if you want brighter headlights combined with color changing effects that will draw a crowd at car shows, check out our smartphone app controlled RGB LED Headlight Conversion Kits.

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