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20FT 6AN 3/8'' Nylon Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Fuel Line Bundle with 6AN Fuel Hose Separator Clamp
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  • Bundle with: EVIL ENERGY 20FT 6AN 3/8'' PTFE Fuel Line E85 Tube Nylon Stainless Steel Braided and EVIL ENERGY 6AN Fuel Hose Separator Clamp 4pcs/pacl with Allen Wrench.
  • Application: The 6AN PTFE fuel line mostly used in fuel system, transmission system and cooler system. It is compatible with nearly every substance or agent used. Can be worked with E85, ethanol, petrol, diesel, oil, hydraulic fluid, pump gas, alcohol, coolant, fuel, and etc. AN6 3/8" nylon and stainless steel braided PTFE fuel line holds up a lot stronger to heat and extreme circumstances than the nylon braided CPE fuel line.
  • Length: 20FT(6M). Inner Diameter: 0.32in (8.1mm). Outside Diameter: 0.46in (11.7mm). Please measure it before purchase! Fit for 6AN PTFE hose and fit ONLY.Working temperature range: -76℉ to 446℉ (-60℃ to 230℃). Maximum Working Pressure (PSI): 3000PSI. Bursting Pressure (PSI): 10000PSI.
  • The AN6 hose separator Inside Diameter:0.51in/13mm Length:1.73in/44mm. Our hose separator pliers are made of aluminum alloy ,anodized polished so you can easily reuse them.In addition, these clamps come with counter sunk Allen head screws for separating, isolating and securing fuel, oil and brake lines.
  • The AN6 dual hose separators are suitable for most AN6 hoses.You can use them for fuel lines, oil lines, brake lines, water lines, gas lines, etc. Hex Allen head bolts are included in the package to help you install more easily.
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