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Stainless Steel 2" 2.25" 2.5" 3" Electric Stainless Exhaust Cutout Cut Out Dump Valve switch with Remote control
Product Code: WCP-2193
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2" 2.25" 2.5" 3" Electric Stainless Exhaust Cutout Cut Out Dump Valve/switch with Remote control

Will Fit All Exhaust Pipings with 2 2.25 2.5 3" Inlet Opening. DIY(Do-It-Yourself) Design for Universal Fitment to Exhaust Pipe with 2 2.25 2.5 3" Inlet Opening. Please Measure and Make Sure Your Vehicle's Exhaust Pipes Inlet Opening Before Purchasing. Package Includes: 1 x CNC Aluminum Electric Exhaust Cutout. 1 x Stainless Steel Y-Adapter (11 INCHES IN LENGTH) 1 x Stainless Steel 45 Degree Pipe. 1 x Wire Harness. 1 x Power Switch. 1 x remote control 1 x receiver 1 x Stainless Steel Dump With Gasket All The Clamps, Gasket And Hardwares Showned In The Pictures Are Also Included. This Electric Cutouts are designed to better your cars performance and feel. The cutout works by welding into your stock modified exhaust. They can be placed anywhere after the headers. To open the cutout you press a switch, which opens cutout, releasing your exhaust. This enables you to bypass your muffler, increasing horsepower and giving your car an extremely throaty rumble. we also have this for 2.25 2.5 3" inches inlet exhaust. Features: Universal Fitment Applications to Cars with 2 2.25 2.5 3" inlet Exhaust Pipes. They Can Be Placed Anywhere After The Headers. Easily Operated At the Push of a Button. Electrically Controlled Exhaust Valves Outflow. Can Be Opened And Closed From Inside The Car With The Flip Of A Switch. Control The Volume And You Control The Flow. Pipings are Made Of High Quality Light Weight Stainless Steel. Electric Cutout Is Made Of High Qliaty Light Weight CNC Machined 6061 Aircraft Aluminum. Weather proof wiring harnesses High torque electric gear motor specifically manufactured to withstand high temperature and high vibration environment

Country/Region of Car Manufacture china
Engine1 1.8 65kW 88HP (Petrol)
Engine10 2.2 79kW 107HP (Petrol)
Engine11 1.8 Cat 66kW 90HP (Petrol)
Engine12 2.2 Turbo 121kW 165HP (Petrol)
Engine13 2.1 100kW 136HP (Petrol)
Engine14 2.3 E quattro 100kW 136HP (Petrol)
Engine15 2.2 Cat 101kW 137HP (Petrol)
Engine16 2.3 quattro 98kW 133HP (Petrol)
Engine17 2.2 E quattro 88kW 120HP (Petrol)
Engine18 2.3 E 100kW 136HP (Petrol)
Engine19 2.2 96kW 130HP (Petrol)
Engine2 1.8 66kW 90HP (Petrol)
Engine20 2.5 TDI 88kW 120HP (Diesel)
Engine21 2.0 Cat 85kW 115HP (Petrol)
Engine22 2.2 101kW 137HP (Petrol)
Engine23 2.2 E Turbo quattro 121kW 165HP (Petrol)
Engine24 2.0 D 51kW 70HP (Diesel)
Engine25 2.1 85kW 115HP (Petrol)
Engine26 1.9 74kW 100HP (Petrol)
Engine27 02 Touring (E6) [1971-1975]
Engine28 2002 Turbo 125kW 170HP (Petrol)
Engine29 2002 Ti 88kW 120HP (Petrol)
Engine3 1.8 55kW 75HP (Petrol)
Engine30 1600 Ti 77kW 105HP (Petrol)
Engine31 1802 66kW 90HP (Petrol)
Engine32 1600 63kW 85HP (Petrol)
Engine33 1802 66kW 90HP (Petrol)
Engine34 TRANSIT Platform/Chassis (E_ _) [1991-2000]
Engine35 2.5 DI (EML/S, ENL/S) 51kW 69HP (Diesel)
Engine36 2.0 66kW 90HP (Petrol)
Engine37 2.0 (EME/L/S, ENE/L/S) 72kW 98HP (Petrol)
Engine38 2.0 (EME/L/S, ENE/L/S) 84kW 114HP (Petrol)
Engine39 2.5 TD (EME/L/S, ENE/L) 74kW 100HP (Diesel)
Engine4 2.0 85kW 115HP (Petrol)
Engine5 2.0 83kW 113HP (Petrol)
Engine6 1.8 quattro 66kW 90HP (Petrol)
Engine7 1.8 quattro 65kW 88HP (Petrol)
Engine8 2.0 D 51kW 70HP (Diesel)
Engine9 1.8 Cat quattro 66kW 90HP (Petrol)
Make Audi
Make0 vw
Make2 Bmw
Make3 Honda
Make4 Mercedes-Benz
Make5 Peugeot
Make6 Nissan
Make7 Hyundai
Make8 ford
Make9 Toyota
Manufacturer Part Number Exhaust Cutout
Mounting Position Rear
Origin CN(Origin)
Other Part Number Dump Valve
Special Features Exhaust Cutout
Specifications for this item
Type Dissipative Muffler
Brand Name mrhello
Material Type stainless steel

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