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Transmission Gearbox Engine Oil Cooler 2275.71 For Citroen C5 C4 DS5LS DS5 For Peugeot 3008 308CC 308SW RCZ 508 408 227571
Product Code: WCP-865
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Name:Oil Cooler

Item Number:2275.71

Interchange Number : 2275.71,227571


Number Of Piece:1 Piece

Layer: 8 Or 9

Material: Aluminum

Color: Sliver



For Peugeot

For Citroen

8 Layer Photos:

9 Layer Photos:

Categories: Transmission Coolers
Interchange Number 2275.71,227571
Specifications for this item
Brand Name GORST
Model Number 2275.71
Size OE standard
Categories: Transmission Coolers

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