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Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can Oil Filter Fuel Tank Round Reservoir Oil Drainer
Product Code: WCP-2156
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Oil Catch Can Universal for Racing Car Aluminum Oil Reservoir Tank

Product Description:

The oil catch can is to suck the exhaust gas formed in the crankcase through the negative pressure in the intake manifold, and inlet to the combustion chamber to participate in the combustion again. The exhaust gas is mainly composed of oil vapor and combustible mixture, the oil is viscous. If it enters the intake pipe directly, it may stick to the wall of the intake pipe, which may cause carbon deposits to block the intake. Thus affecting the normal operation of the engine. The oil catch tank can improve this problem to protect the engine and extend the life of the engine.

Working Principle:

There is a system of forced ventilation of the crankcase inside the engine (pcv). Originally, the exhaust gas could only be discharged directly into the atmosphere, and the exhaust gas contains flammable gasoline molecules, if it is directly discharged into the atmosphere, it will damage the fuel economy. Although this is a minor problem, the more serious problem is air pollution. In response to the above problems, the oil catch tank appears on the tuning car. Structurally, it is pided into two working chambers for precipitating the oil in the lower chamber, connected by a conduit, and the separated combustible mixture is in the upper chamber, and finally the cleaned mixture is introduced into the intake manifold. In this way, it is environmentally friendly and does not allow oil to get on the tube wall. It can prevent the formation of carbon deposits, and separating carbon deposits.

Product Description:

Product Name: Oil Catch Can/Tank Product color: Red, Blue, Silver, Black Body material: Aluminum Product size: As Shown

Product Features:

1: High corrosion resistance, precision quality 2: Durable aluminum structure, durable 3: Easy installation, protection of the engine, environmental protection and economy

Package Including:

1 x Aluminum Fuel Tank And Other Accessories


The oil catch can should be cleaned regularly. If the filter element is clogged, the inside of the cup will not pass through, which will cause the exhaust gas to enter the air filter! ! ! (The pressure in the crankcase is too high. Not only will the engine seal leak oil (common in auto repair). What is important is that the exhaust gas does not come out, mixes with the oil and forms a lot of carbon deposits. It will cause the engine to work abnormally and cause Early wear.)

External Testing Certification CCC
Item Height 11.3cm
Item Length 6.8cm
Item Type Fuel Tanks
Item Width 6.8cm
Model Name XH-JT052
Model Year 2018
Model-1 Fuel Tank
Model-2 Oil Drainer
Special Features Oil Catch Can
Specifications for this item
Item Weight 0.78kg
Material Type Aluminum

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